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Bon Hobo a.k.a Did-J-Did and Bouto met end 80's and experimented altertative life mode since 1994'Aubusson teknival. After completing their social and educative obligations, they started to link their forces and utopia thru the nomadic EXP'Sound System : a great chance to travel and spin underground techno music from Spain to Poland! After this stalking era, they fixed in eastern France and became one of the most active vectors of the subterranean dance music scene via Sonic Control records shop in Belfort and their indie label La Bande Adhesive records . After a decade of productions and collaborations with still active and touring experimental/improv bands (P Taz, Suboko, Bad Bolster Boycott, Alf Brozzer, Dj Doory, Etienne C, Baraka, Mana...), Botch Up! keeps the raw and cinematc energy of early DIY events...Botch Up rocks !  En savoir plus ...
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