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Ptaz, is the fusion of two musical styles, that of the jazz and electro. Francois Heyer (Trombone), Daniel Hauger (Saxophone) and Dj Bouto (double bass and various electronic machines). Since 1980, Francois Heyer multiplied his activities within several and diverse bands, sailing across blues and rhythms, through its many alternatives. Daniel Hauger established his style while working with giants like Clifford Jordan, or Claude Barthélémy before testing the Lizards Lounge of John Lurie styles and improvised music. Nicolas Boutines, alias Dj Bouto, quickly exchanged his guitar for electronic machines to be immersed in the flood of house & Dub music. The Ptaz Trio was born at the time of the popular Teppaz Nights at the Noumatrouff, a famous Alsatian venue located in Mulhouse. During these nights, electronic music and free jazz clash and mix with each other in an incredible blend of improvisation; Heyer and Hauger have carte blanche on the loops/sampling of Dj Bouto.   More ...
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