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Pacal Gully
Lives in Strasbourg (France). Plays in rock, jazz, contemporary music and improvised music bands. Also worked for dance and theater pieces and composed/improvised music for films and videos. Played in many clubs and festivals in France and Europe (Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia Slovenia, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Switzerland) Played concerts with Guillaume Orti (F), Pavel Fajt (CZ), Lucia Recio (F), Thomas Lehn (D), Markus Stockhausen (D), Tara Bouman (NL), Mâalem Abdallah el Gourd and Dar Gnawa (MR), Hearn Gadbois (USA), Emiter (PL), Sun Plexus (F), Geert Waegeman (B), Xavier Garcia (F), Stéphane Oliva (F), Blatnova (NL),  More ...
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